French - Grades 3+ class

Thursday, September 221:00—1:45 PMWallace Community RoomLunenburg Public Library1023 Massachusets Ave., Lunenburg, MA, 01462

In addition to conversational skills, students in grades 3 and above will be learning more about

French grammar, usage and mechanics, as well as honing their dictionary skills and learning to

solve translations. Students will be learning French naturally and interactively, much in the

same way they have learned their maternal language – through TPR, “Total Physical Response.”

We will be singing songs, dancing, using international signs and body language, and playing

games during French class. Students will learn basic greeting vocabulary, common expressions

and commands, colors, numbers, and action verbs. They will learn basic prepositions, and how

to give and follow directions. Students will discuss hobbies, likes and dislikes, practice math

facts, learn about subject pronouns, as well as how to conjugate present verb tenses.

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