French - Grades k-2 class

Thursday, September 1510:30—11:00 AMWallace Community RoomLunenburg Public Library1023 Massachusets Ave., Lunenburg, MA, 01462

Students will be learning French naturally and interactively, much in the same way they have

learned their maternal language – through TPR, “Total Physical Response.” We will be singing

songs, dancing, using international signs and body language, and playing games during French

class. Students will learn basic greeting vocabulary, with an introduction to French culture and

customs. They will learn the French alphabet, numbers, and calendar vocabulary. They will

learn about farm animals, colors, shapes, weather patterns, expressions and emotions. They

will learn receptive vocabulary, such as basic commands and action words (verbs), as well as

location words (prepositions) and descriptive words (adjectives). Most classes will focus on

conversation, although some minimal reading and writing will be introduced.

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