Get Your Grove On! Mastering Front Yard Fruit Trees, Grape Vines, & Berries

Tuesday, November 146:00—7:30 PMWallace Community RoomLunenburg Public Library1023 Massachusets Ave., Lunenburg, MA, 01462

Join us for an immersive and educational experience in creating a bountiful front yard orchard. Expert visiting instructor, Mark Gostkiewicz of Tri Gable Lea Farm, will guide you through the process of designing, planting, and maintaining a diverse and productive landscape.

During the class, you'll learn about:

  • Design considerations for 1/4 to 1 to 5+ acres
  • Planning harvests according to your availability.
  • Selection of varieties that fit your scale, tastes, use in the kitchen, etc
  • Where you can go to get quality plants.
  • Revising your design & adding layers under your trees to add berries and vines
  • Preparing and planting your trees, vines, and berries for survival during the first hot summer and freezing winter
  • Pruning & training trees, canes, and vines.

You will leave with ideas of how to plant for the first time or ideas to add onto your existing landscape/orchard/garden.

All of our classes are dedicated to sustainable organic practices, so you can trust that everything you learn will be in line with those values. Plus, after the class, you will leave with handouts and resources to continue your learning. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to transform your front yard into a fruit-filled oasis!

Tri Gable Lea Farm is a family owned farm off the homestead of Mark Gostkiewicz & Naomi Niemann in Colchester, CT. Mark's passion for sustainable farming began with his first job at the certified organic Highland Thistle Farm in Canterbury, CT, where he learned about holistic management and sustainable practices. A middle and high school math teacher certified in special education, Mark blends his passions for teaching and sustainable homesteading to teach a variety of online and in-person classes across New England. Visit their website to learn more:

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