Tween Craft: Make Your Own Tiny Tile Mosaic

Friday, February 34:00—5:30 PMWallace Community RoomLunenburg Public Library1023 Massachusets Ave., Lunenburg, MA, 01462

Join us as Tiny Tile Mosaics comes to the library to teach tweens & teens how to make their own trivet using recycled glass tile! A trivet is a square object that can be used to place items on to protect a table or surface, but it can also just be a piece of art to decorate your room! Design ideas will be provided, and Tiny Tile Mosaics will be able to assist, but you can also make whatever design you'd like with the supplies provided.

Each participant will be able to create their own trivet to take home with them!

Space is limited, so register early! Open to teens in grades 5-8 (ages 10-14).

Capacity: 3 of 20 spaces available.

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